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Explanations on the use of web cookies


A cookie is a short text that a website you visit sends to your browser. This makes it easier for the website to remember the settings you have selected as a user (eg language), which greatly facilitates your further visits to the page. Cookies therefore simplify web browsing and enable a faster and easier user experience. They are used by most websites.

To make it easier for you to decide how to handle cookies, we have prepared additional explanations for you. Please note that by using the website and accompanying services, you agree that we may use cookies.


Types of cookies


Cookies are, for example, a type of file that a website generates and stores data during your visit to the website. This ensures a much easier and faster browsing of the page the next time you visit. We distinguish two types of cookies, namely:

Temporary cookies (session cookies), which are created only temporarily and record data during your browsing. When you close your browser window, cookies are deleted.
Persistent cookies remain on your computer or other device and are activated each time you visit the website.


What persistent cookies does our site use?

Cookie name














Duration of cookies


2 years from installation
10 minutes from installation
up to 2 years from installation
6 months after installation
8 months from installation

1 year from installation


At the end of the session (until the user leaves the page or closes the browser)


1 year from installation

Description of cookies

updates Records traffic statistics on the site.
updates Records a new user or a new session.
Google Analytics statistics updates.
updates Records browser data and your settings when using Google Maps.
Updates Saves YouTube video settings that the user makes while watching.
Updates Estimates the speed of a visitor's Internet connection required by Youtube to determine the quality of a video being played.E
The cookie creates Youtube. There is no exact description of what is needed, but we are sure it is not harmful.

updates the cookie box on which our CMS system is built.

Cookie settings

All browsers allow you to control cookies. We have prepared instructions for you on how to access cookie settings in the selected search engine:

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Start button > Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings
Mozilla Firefox: Firefox menu > Preferences > Privacy
Google Chrome: Chrome menu > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies
Apple Safari: Safari > Preferences > Security
Opera: Opera > Preferences > Advanced > Network

If you choose to delete or block cookies, some websites or their features may not work properly or equally effectively. You will also receive a cookie notification each time you visit.

In case you upgrade your browser or device with a new version, you need to re-edit your cookie settings.

More information on legislation and the use of cookies can also be found on the website: